Do you have a motherboard that supports 12 x8 PCIe slots?
I recall seeing a motherboard (2 e5-26xx CPUs per node) that clipped together and plugs into a breakout backplane/board that brings out PCIe slots.

 The Tolimon Server Board (Romley Platform) and Phoenix Server Board (Grantley Platform) both support our MAX I/O Technology.  MAX I/O allows us to “bring out” the maximum available PCI Express lanes from the CPU.


Both boards have four gold-finger edge connectors, each edge connector provides 16 lanes of PCI Express v3.0 (PCIe v3.0), for a total of 64 lanes of PCIe v3.0.  We can then connect one of our standard PCIe riser cards to the edge connectors and provide a standard configuration of PCIe slots or we can design a customize PCIe riser card for a specific configuration (depending on project size and opportunity).


The twelve x8 PCIe slot design that you mentioned would require 96 lanes of PCIe.  We do not have a standard PCIe riser card that support twelve x8 slots, but we can design one.  For a customize design, we will need to know the scope of the opportunity and the size of the project.

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