How can I Set LSI MegaRAID 9271-8i LED Header to Enable State ?

Connect both cables (Custom Cable 8x1 & AST1390-003) in the LSI MegaRAID 9271-8i Card.

You need to make sure that your Custom Cable 8x1 is connected correctly.

Power on the computer and run Command Prompt (for Windows) Terminal (for Linux).

Save the zip file under in a folder (e.g. LSI9271).

Under Command Prompt or Terminal go to the folder where you save the storclio.exe file.

To list storclio help and syntax.
a. storclio -h| -help| ?

To determine if MegaRAID controller needs update to enable LED Header and to find the adapter

a. storclio show  output to determine the controller (Ctl) number.
Ctl Model Ports PDs DGs DNOpt VDs VNOpt BBU sPR DS EHS ASOs Hlth
0 9371-8i 8 4 0 0 0 0 Msng On 1&2 Y 2 Opt
1 9361-8i 8 0 0 0 0 0 Msng On 1&2 Y 2 Opt

 b. ./storclio /c0 show all | grep Header Linux Command

i. Note: directory is /opt/MegaRAID/storclio

c. storclio /c0 show all | findstr Header Windows Command
i. Look for: Enable LED Header = No If No, continue to step 7.
ii. If Enable LED Header = Yes no need to continue

To enable LED Header data setting on MegaRAID controller

Must create an ini file for the first time.
a. storclio /cx get factorysettings file=<filepath>
(Where cx is the controller number and <filepath> is name of your choice e.g. 9371_set).
//example: filepath =c:\LSI 9271\9271_set

i. Edit <filepath> //example: filepath =c:\LSI 9271\9271_set
ii. Search for enableLedHeaders and set equal to 1
iii. Remove all text before and after enableLedHeaders = 1 line
iv. Save file

b. storclio /cx set factorysettings file=<filepath> //example: filepath =c:\LSI 9271\9271_set
i. Where cx is the controller number of the MegaRAID controller to be updated (e.g. a0 -
per example above in step 6a).
ii. Where <filepath> is 9371_set which is the file provided by LSI. Must be in same
directory as storclio.exe executable.

8. To verify update was successful

a. ./storclio /c0 show all | grep Header  Linux Command
b. storclio /c0 show all | findstr Header“ Windows Command
i. If Enable LED Header = Yes, update successful
ii. If Enable LED Header = No, update failed “ repeat step 6.

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