How to configure T10 Zoning on SAS 6Gb/s expanders?

The default T10 zoning configuration is off for SAS 6Gb/s expanders of JBOD and Servers . to use an RS-232 cable by console commands: 

(A) Check the current zoning state
cmd> phyzone state
Zoning is OFF
(B) Enable zoning
cmd> phyzone on
(C) Disable zoning
cmd> phyzone off

After enabling T10 zoning, three predefined groups are Group1, Group8, and Group9. Each PHY should be
in one of the three group, and all PHYs in a wide port should be in the same group. Each PHY in Group1 can
access any PHY in other groups, and vice versa. Each PHY in Group8 cannot access any PHY in Group9, and
vice versa.
The default configuration, which allows two wide ports can access all drives, follows.
(A) PHY0 - PHY3 for the UP wide port (the first port) : Group8
(B) PHY4 - PHY7 for the UP/DOWN wide port (the second port) : Group1
(C) PHY8 - PHY11 for the third port if available : Group1
(D) PHY12 - PHY35 for drive : Group1
The command syntax is "phyzone phy_index group". The following example shows how to setup one drive
accessed only the first port and another drive accessed only by the second port.


Step 1: Read the current group for PHY4
cmd> phyzone 4
Phy 4 for Zone Group 1
Step 2: Assign the second port (PHY4 - PHY7) for Group9
cmd> phyzone 4 9
cmd> phyzone 5 9
cmd> phyzone 6 9
cmd> phyzone 7 9
Step 3: Assign the drive on PHY12 to be accessed only by the first port instead of the second port
cmd> phyzone 12 8
Step 4: Assign the drive on PHY13 to be accessed only by the second port instead of the first port
cmd> phyzone 13 9
Step 5: Reset

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